Rimini, together with Riccione, is one of the most famous coastal resorts on the Adriatic. When one thinks of Rimini, what first comes to mind is the sea, nightlife, discos, summer aperitifs, organized and well-equipped beaches; and then there is a rich and complex city that never ceases to surprise, no matter the season, and offers the chance for families to relax, practise sports and enjoy a whole variety of events as well as, of course, great local food.  Not to be forgotten, however, are the age-old origins of Rimini which date back to 268 BC, when the Romans founded the colony of Arminum here, between the mouths of the rivers Aprusa (now a stream called Ausa) and Ariminus (now a river called Marecchia). These waters changed course over the centuries; this is evident in the ruins of the Roman bridge which originally crossed the Aprusa but is now in the area of San Vito, right in the middle of a field. Due to its strategic geographical location, Rimini saw many states and seignories over the centuries and much prosperity and culture promoted by the courts of the lords where many fine intellectuals and great artists could be found. There are still many signs of the city’s history: from Roman monuments to important works of the Renaissance which can be appreciated almost as well now as they were then. To explore all this, simply wander about and admire the city in between visits to the shops and aperitifs in the bars, or enjoy a cycle ride taking in the picturesque harbour and the stones of an ancient Roman civilization… You will discover a lively Rimini full of memorable sights and places of the past and present.

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