The Queen’s Theatre in Cattolica is one of the few Italian-style theaters built in recent years. With the classic horseshoe pattern, the theater, designed in 1984, is a pioneer for what concerns the acoustics, the technological features and furnishings, and was opened in 1996 with a concert of soprano Katia Ricciarelli. Elegant and bright, thanks to the interior of light wood, the theater has a stage that can accommodate an orchestra of fifty elements and is a fitting counterpoint to the two boxes tiers that provide the public with 600 seats, with another 100 made available from the large gallery; also the spaces below have been converted into a luxury foyer for meetings and conferences. The Queen’s Theatre was designed by the Architect Pier Luigi Cervellati, designer in the mid 70s of the Multipurpose Cultural Centre, and together with the Theatre of the Queen and the Queen´s Arena, overlooks Repubblica Square. This square can be fully described in a square dedicated to the culture. Inside the Multipurpose Cultural Centre of Cattolica are the Municipal Library and the Media Center with an interesting collection of Italian and foreign posters of graphic designer of the ’70s, as well as a large photographic, CDs and DVDs archive; while the adjacent Queen´s Arena, one of the largest outdoor stages where beautiful performances and concerts take place throughout the summer, is able to accommodate up to 4000 spectators.

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