Mondaino, constantly suspended in a magic atmosphere, has always something very unique and attractive in any season you visit. Of ancient origins, Mondaino should probably takes its name from a peculiarity of the place, because it seems that the forests of the area were inhabited by numerous deer (Mons-Damarum Mount Deer-Mondaino).

Mondaino has always been an active country and its past has given us many historical testimonies, now preserved in the Municipal Paleontology Museum. Like many of the towns of the Conca Valley, Mondaino also enjoyed its splendor period under the rule of the Malatesta, who strengthened the magnificent castle.

Even today the famous Palio del Daino, one of the most beautiful medieval festivals in Italy that involves the entire country, brings it back in time and also discovers the remarkable craftsmanship of the Mondaino past. In the municipal museum you will find an important section dedicated to the ceramics production. The Mondaino history knows important moments in the past centuries: for example it was, for a long period, subject to the government of the Papal States, this lordship is testimonied by by the numerous aristocratic palaces found along the main street of the village, Via Roma, like the Forlani Romani Palace, with its seventeenth century facade, and the elements that reveal the internal structure of three elements-fifteenth. Near Mondaino there are many scattered small and precious evidences of popular devotion, for example the St. Apollinaris ancient church dating to the sixth century which is located just outside the walls, in places Pieggia, as well as the St. Francis Monastery of the thirteenth century, hidden in the beautiful green hill Formosino, where reigns the quite and spiritual atmosphere typical of the Franciscans places.
This is a country to explore, where you will also find an excellent craftsmanship, which has experienced an important development in the agro-food, thanks to its rich territory that produces high quality olive oils, cheeses, wine, meat and its own production of the ancient vases and pottery and wrought iron.

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