The Castello degli Agolanti (Agolanti Castle) is a majestic castle in the countryside outside Riccione which dates back to the time of the Malatesta. The Agolanti, Tuscan nobles in exile, settled in Rimini as from 1260 and became vassals of the Malatesta and lords of the city of Arcione. The Castello degli Agolanti was built in the first half of the 14th century and originally had a tower in each of its four corners and was surrounded by a moat with drawbridges. Also known as Tomba Bianca (White Tomb), the castle was home to Queen Christine of Sweden in 1657 when she had to break off her journey to Rome due to a plague epidemic raging in the Papal city. Accounts of the time describe it as a very fine castle; in 1743, the reporter Ubaldo Marchi of Rimini declared it “one of, if not the best building in the area of Rimini”. Located in the hills nearest Riccione, Castello degli Agolanti acted as a strategic observation point on the coast and it was for this reason that, in 1743, it was used as the headquarters of the Austrian army under General Lobkowitz. Now, instead, it can be found on the road leading to the main discotheques of Riccione, like the Cocoricò, the Byblos and others. After sustaining serious damage in a violent earthquake in 1786, Castello degli Agolanti was used as a colonial house and not restored again until 1982, when the Verni family of S. Giovanni in Marignano left it, by then in ruins, to the Municipality of Riccione. As a result of complete renovation commissioned by the municipal authority of Riccione, the Castello degli Agolanti became a place dedicated to cultural activities and events with laboratories for children, shows and meetings on various themes. To continue to enjoy the view with the flavours of this splendid area, you can stop off at the Osteria degli Agolianti a short walk away from the Castle, or return to the town and pay a visit to the Osteria de’ Princip. If you decide to do the latter, be warned: the helpings here are very generous, as well as truly delicious!

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