The Promenade of Riccione is a fine and successful example of a contemporary architectural work made with delicacy and sensibility towards the sea and with minimal environmental impact. It gives citizens and tourists 1560 m long walking paths with benches, flower beds, and a beautiful bike path that connects the channel port with Piazzale San Martino. To decorate this delightful path, are numerous flower beds and beautiful fountains of high architectural design that shoots subjects dear to the river, such as the ones in the form of ship, of rowboat, of palm trees island. And not to mention the beautiful fountain of glass and fishing nets in Piazzale Roma, which colors, forms and shapes talk about the beauty of the shining sea. And if you’re tired of walking or going by bicycle, or very simply you want to stop and enjoy the presence of the sea, in the stretch between the Channel Port and Piazzale Roma, you can enjoy the gazebo with tables for chess and checkers-backgammon. After this break, the Promenade offers another look to the shore, and further walking paths decorated with lawn areas crossed by wooden walkways. At the end of the Promenade, in Piazzale San Martino, is a colored planisphere, made ​​of various kinds of marble pebbles where the 44th parallel across the Promenade is marked. For one mile no more road to cross between the hotels and the beach, no more traffic, but only the smell of the sea.

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