Misano Adriatico is a small town between Riccione and Cattolica, which lies on the hills between Val Marecchia and Val Conca to the ends of Coriano, San Clemente and San Giovanni in Marignano. In ancient Roman prefect setting, it seems that the name of the country comes from the name of a Roman gens settled in this area, specifically from Gens Moesia which came testimonies. Misano Adriatico also illustrates the development of Christian communities in the area, through the Agina Church, pretty little church nestled in the quiet of the countryside along Agina Street, not far from the Adriatic main road towards the hills, built in the eighth century AD. Here there was a guarded important fourteenth-century wooden crucifix made by the Rimini school that is now displaying in the Church of St. Blaise and St. Erasmus, in Misano Monte.

Even Misano Adriatico experienced the ups and downs of the Malatesta family, who built a castle of which unfortunately remain the entrance arch and a small portion of the tower in Piazza Castello in the hamlet of Misano Monte. The streets of this nice village are ideal for cycling from spring to autumn to enjoy the views offered from the countryside dotted with olive trees and crops. To the Via San Giovanni in Conca direction, you will find a late seventh century church, the Church Mother of Fair Love, which offers another little piece of suggestion. Misano Adriatico represents an international seaside tourist destination thanks to the contribution not only of its beautiful beaches but also of its sea that, in years, received the Blue Flag by the Environmental Commission of the European Union. In Misano Adriatico you will also find some urban spaces on a human scale, as the new promenade built in 2004 by the consulting architect Paul Portuguese (one of the most important Italian architects). In tha last few years Misano Adriatico has become very famous thanks to the Misano World Circuit (former International Circuit Santamonica) that hosts the MotoGP World Championship and the beautiful harbor of Portoverde which is a real village.

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