Saludecio is a beautiful medieval town which stands on a low hill of the Valconca and gives travellers the irresistible desire to visit its alleys, streets and buildings and discover real hidden treasures. The walls, which afford fantastic views, are evidence of the strategic importance of the town. Due to its geographic location, Saludecio saw many rulers and seigniories since the 12th century, the time when the Church State formed an alliance with the seigniory of the Malatesta; Saludecio was, in fact, one of the strongholds of the Malatesta family from the walls of which it was possible to view the land of the nearby Montefeltro who also ruled the town for a brief period in 1462. The town was also ruled, in 1504, by Duke Valentino Cesare Borgia, the son of Pope Alexander VI, and, after a brief period under the rule of Venice, was held again under the aegis of the Papal State, marking the start of a prosperous period of adjustment which was to have positive repercussions over the following centuries. You need think only of the grand 18th century churches and 19th century stately homes in town to realise just how prosperous Saludecio was as a centre of farming and commerce. The same is true of Saludecio today where there is a good trade in quality products from oil and meat to cheese and wine, as well as ceramics and terracotta tiles which have been produced and sold here for centuries. This town is remarkable in many ways, for the stunning murals that grace the walls of houses and palazzo, the history festivals like the Ottocento Festival (19th century Festival), the medicinal herbs and natural products like the Saluserbe.

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