Torriana stands on a chalky promontory that looks rather austere; so much so, in fact, that the town was called “Scorticata”, literally “stripped bare”, the name of the mountain on which the town stands, until it was re-baptized in 1938. We can only imagine the impression of its Fort on the summit which, together with Verucchio Fort, formed a real barricade protecting the valley at the time of the Malatesta, and overlooking the old road that connected Tuscany with Rimini and crossed Montefeltro. Torriana was ruled for a long time by the Malatesta before coming into the hands of other noble families like the Borgia and, later, the Medici. Torriana has developed, losing many of its medieval features, and is now a functional town offering all the best services for its inhabitants and visitors. Recent additions include the stunning Fontana dell’albero dell’acqua (Water Tree Fountain), a bizarre creation by the poet and playwright Tonino that gushes in the main square of the town where a Festa dell’Albero dell’acqua (water tree festival) is held every second Saturday in July, with music, shows and events. Of the original structure of the old Torriana Fort remain the tank, the main entrance, two round towers, and part of the walls and donjon. And while you can enjoy a broad view from what remains of Torriana Fort, an even greater one taking in the extraordinary landscape of the Valmarecchia can be admired from the highest point of the town of Scorticata overlooking the Fort from the Chiesa dei Santi Filippo e Giacomo (Church of Saints Philip and James), a simple church of little note. Another example of a recently restored structure is Torriana Tower, on another peak of the Scorticata, from which one could survey the land and communicate with the many other lookout points using signals.

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