Riccione is one of the main tourist resorts on the Romagna Riviera, which has always been able to follow the latest trends and changes in the world of fashion and design, as well as those of the economy and society. A summer holiday destination par excellence, where the people are known for their friendly, hard-working nature, Riccione can meet the needs of everyone, from families with children requiring services and assistance, to single people who will find a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere on the beach and at the spa, and in the company of others. Young people, too, can chill out during the day and night at the venues on the beach and at the famous discos; while elderly guests can enjoy the warmth of the fine sandy beaches. Riccione also welcomes travelling businesspeople, and is perfect for cyclists and motorcyclists who can go up into the hills to enjoy views of indescribable beauty. The hotel facilities strive to attain increasingly high standards to guarantee the maximum comfort of all visitors, who will be pleasantly surprised by the wealth of history and culture and the delicious food and wine in Riccione and its surroundings.

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