Cattolica is a charming and lively town of ancient Roman origin – the oldest traces date back around 200 BC – At that time in Cattolica was an Hospitium for travelers coming from Bologna to Rome, or for pilgrims going to Loreto. But the flowering time of the city is around the middle of the thirteenth century, when the inhabitants of the Focara castles moved to it, submitting to the lordship of Rimini. Commercial hub of primary importance, because of its location and its port, Cattolica was coveted and contended and became the subject of alternate disputes between the Papal State, the Church of Ravenna and the Malatesta Family that ruled the city until 1504. Its tradition of transit city for merchants, travelers and pilgrims, was confirmed during the Middle Ages; by that time there were in Cattolica more than twenty taverns. The hospitality tradition is a real common thread that joins the past and the contemporary, in a city that nowadays is bustling and modern, offering excellent services and recreational opportunities to the many tourists who choose it as their goal. Set in a picturesque natural cove which places shelter from strong winds and sea currents, thanks to the hill of Gabicce, in the nineteenth century Cattolica earned the nickname “Queen of the Adriatic” because of its geographical and environmental peculiarities that make it unique. Known for its beautiful fountains that greet visitors upon entry of the city, and for its excellent accommodation facilities in first class hotels. In the dynamic and purposeful Cattolica cultural initiatives are organized for all tastes, from the program proposed by the “Queen’s Theatre”, to the performances of the Dancing Fountains at Piazza 1° Maggio, to the concerts and summer shows at the Arena of the Queen and much more. Cattolica is a city to discover and enjoy in every corner, from the Aquarium to the Covered Market Hall, going through its many and beautiful squares and if you have a comfortable bike, you can move from one end of the city to the other finding out places and stories and having even more fun.        

Cattolica also boasts an incredible density of restaurants and exceptional chefs of the highest category, like Stefano Ciotti, awarded as the best emerging chef in Italy in 2009 and chef of Restaurant Vicolo Santa Lucia by the famous Hotel Carducci (Viale Carducci 76, phone 0541 954677) awarded in 2010 with the coveted Michelin star.
Or again, the eccentric and original Raffaele Liuzzi, owner of the Locanda Liuzzi (Via Fiume 63, phone 0541 830 100), also winning the same prestigious award last year; here you can taste creations capable to amaze your eyes and palate.

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